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We identify risks and develop solid security strategies through customized IT solutions based on conventional or emerging technologies.

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Our work philosophy

We design an excellent defense through a proactive audit process carried out simultaneously and without interruption of the operation we protect.

Smart & Secure Decisions

The constant rise of threat and steady evolution of menaces in and out of your network has let security teams feeling overwhelmed, understaffed and one step behind.

With IntelligenX you can regain control and be prepared for and to respond to this persistent threats.

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What we do best

access protction
Internal and External Penetration Test

Realism in the simulation of a computer attack using social engineering tactics, identifying and discovering real vulnerabilities.

Data Bug
Web Application Code Review

Our auditors have extensive experience conducting code reviews of web applications with the main languages.

lock smartphone
Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment

We have experience performing audits on mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms natively.

Network Perimeter Security

We take care of managing and configuring access control policies to designate network perimeters both in the intranet, extranet and other private networks.

Protection data
Security Hardening

We focus on securing the configurations of different devices and access control systems that make up the organization's IT infrastructure.

Cloud infected
Cloud Security

We audit configurations, policies and credentials related to the accounts associated with the cloud provider, such as Amazon and Azure.

Why should you implement a proactive security audit process?

Our consultants submit a report with suggestions for the resolution of security vulnerabilities, as well as potential architectural and configuration changes to strengthen the organization against both generic and directed attacks.

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